Energy services company specializing in the management, control, and sustainability of commercial energy use through technology and green solutions.

IOT enabled energy efficiency.

Commercial and industrial entities waste between 30-43% of all their energy. With the escalating cost of energy, this represents huge potential savings with the right interventions.

Our IOT enabled hardware and software gives you an automated monitoring and visibility, reporting and savings (Energy Management as a Service) solution.

Renewable Energy

We deliver the latest in green energy technology solutions using best of breed hardware and software, with production and consumption side monitoring and reporting for on and off grid solar.

Through our in-house expertise, we manage your entire transition and provide ongoing maintenance on a Renewable Energy as a Service (REaaS) model.

Net Zero

Environmental sustainability governance in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 7, 11 and 13 is a critical part of our outcomes as we move towards net zero by 2050.

Besides giving you visibility on your CO2 footprint, our solution helps you make positive steps towards lowering your carbon emissions.

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