You can’t control what you can’t measure. View, analyze, and report different parameters and KPI’s on your energy consumption like kilowatts, voltage, current, CO2, KVAR, temperature & humidity and others. Our platform allows you to get critical insights for different decision makers be they facility managers, finance heads or CEO’s.

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Put in place controls to manage and lower your consumption through standard operating procedure interventions as well as technology for alerting, scheduling, shutdowns and start up. Our platform allows you to work with the best technology, be it retrofit or replacement to achieve optimal savings.



Move your power source wholly or partially to self-generated green energy with our best-in-class robust solar solution that allows you even greater savings through on grid and off grid solutions with storage, as well as insights on both generation and consumption metrics.



Reduce your carbon emissions and move towards greater environmental sustainability governance and net zero, in line with SDG 7 which commits to affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy for all. Our platform gives you visibility on your current CO2 footprint and helps you create benchmarks.

Measure, Control, Produce, Sustain.

Turnaxis provides world class solutions in Kenya and across Africa – giving organisations and businesses the tools they need to monitor energy usage, and make their facilities truly energy smart and efficient

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